Brian Johnston is the Western Director of the National Right to Life Committee and Chairman of the California ProLife Council. Author and lecturer, he has served as a public advocate in many capacities: as California Commissioner on Aging; on the board of the National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent; as a film producer and commentator.

Commissioner Brian Johnston is one of the foremost authorities on the Right to Life and issues surrounding it. He speaks from many years of experience in the political and cultural arena, and is always an insightful voice.
— Lawrence Lehr, Santa Rosa, CA

Brian's Speaking Engagements


June 19 Los Angeles. Jubilee Media

July 3-6 Charleston, SC National Right to Life Convention

July 23 Escondido CA. North County Conservatives

August 27 San Diego Salt and Light

September 6-7 Gardena, CA. ProLife Conference

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Brian understands, and helped us understand, the subtlety of the forces pushing for a culture of death. Both factual and funny, his insightful stories and sense of humor kept all of us engaged and entertained.

— Debbie Pease, Director, South Dakota RTL